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New version out 0.33.6

New Features:

xbmc support.
New easy debian/ubuntu installation.
Req. mysql and mythtv ver 0.23/0.24/0.25 and opengl stuf.
play music from mythtv backend.
Stream music over the internet from a mythtv backend server.
play movies from mythtv/mxbc database
play recordedtv programs from mythtv/xbmc backend not all.
Now online radio player. More that 12700 radio stations build ver 0.33.0
TV Guide.
support for truetype font
Play playlist created with mythtvweb interface.
Select screen size from 1024x768 to 1920x1080
Lirc support. Sample file included.
F3-F12 can now be any shell command. Auto create exit script mythtv-controller.cmd
Use mythtv music playlistes. Backup/Restore playlists after musicbase rebuild.
New config loader.
New tema installed.

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